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Learn how to acquire Bitcoin in a simple
environment with MasterCoinPlus.

BitCoin 2010

WAS: $0.003

"Bitcoin could hit $100,000 in 10 years."

BitCoin 2017


How to increase your bitcoin?

MC+ trades different CryptoCurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dash and many of the other 900+ Altcoins.

Our platform may buy and sell the same coin many times a day to taking advantage of the up trends, without the downs so we can be in profit 90+% of the time. MC+ trades on different exchanges and can make profits buying on one exchange and selling on another.

This gives us a unique advantage for our members in the CryptoCurrency market, ensuring maximum revenue.
Trading Currency

Trading Currency

Mining Bitcoin

Mining Bitcoin

ATM Machines

ATM Machines

Our members aquire bitcoin with our trading efforts of various CryptoCurrencies, mining operations and MC+ ATM transactions.

Our company has been operating on an international level since its founding in the Spring of 2017. We are attracting the average individual all the way up to a seasoned entrepreneur. Our unique and proven business model is attracting members from all areas of the world. More people are recognizing CryptoCurrency everyday, and blockchain technology is supported at various levels of the financial sector. This means we have great opportunities to look forward to now and in the future.

Our mission:
MC+ takes high-yield transactions with crypto currencies to a fundamentally new, widespread level. We welcome anyone the opportunity to profit with their bitcoin by becoming a member of the MC+ family.

MC+ is experiencing rapid growth with both passive and active members. Become a member today! MasterCoin+ is simple. secure. and profitable.

Our site resides on a dedicated server.

DDOS protection
We guarantee the high security of our website on a dedicated server with DDOS protection.

Safe BTC shield
We provide round-the-clock technical and informational support.

SSL certificate
We use a certificate with extended validation (EV). This verifies that our company can be trusted.

Rewards program.

Getting started is easy and convenient. Get back with the person who shared this with you and they can take you through the simple signup process step by step. MC+ offers the following rewards.

  • Immediate Sign Up
  • Auto Upgrade Option
  • Auto Renew Option
  • Free Back Office
  • No Monthly Fees
  • No Waiting Hashtags
  • Unmatched Security

Pick the plan that fits you best

All plans are a 240 day commitment with a 120 day cycle.

.03125 QP Quick Pack

5% Binary Earnings
0.07 BTC Daily Max
3 BTC Monthly Max

0.0625-btc Package 1

7% Binary Earnings
0.15 BTC Daily Max
3 BTC Monthly Max

0.125-btc Package 2

8% Binary Earnings
0.25 BTC Daily Max
7 BTC Monthly Max

0.25-btc Package 3

9% Binary Earnings
0.5 BTC Daily Max
15 BTC Monthly Max

0.5-btc Package 4

10% Binary Earnings
1 BTC Daily Max
30 BTC Monthly Max

1-btc Package 5

12% Binary Earnings
2 BTC Daily Max
60 BTC Monthly Max

2-btc Package 6

14% Binary Earnings
4 BTC Daily Max
120 BTC Monthly Max

4-btc Package 7

16% Binary Earnings
8 BTC Daily Max
240 BTC Monthly Max

8-btc Package 8

18% Binary Earnings
16 BTC Daily Max
480 BTC Monthly Max

Referral Rewards Program

You can share the MasterCoin Plus opportunity with others and earn even more BTC into your wallet, paid out in real-time.

How it Works

Our platform is so easy to use, that even
someone with no experience can get started.
Here are the 4 steps to funding your account.

Step 01.
First you need to set
up a bitcoin wallet.

There are several secure wallets. We recomend using one of these:, or

Step 02.
Fund your Bitcoin
Wallet Online.

It’s quick and easy. Check with your referred member or Bitcoin Exchange.

Step 03.
Enroll with an MC+
Account and Fund it

Enroll today and don’t forget to input your referral during enrollment.

Step 04.
Connect your Wallet to
your MC+ Account

After you complete the first steps login and connect your wallet.

What is Bitcoin?

Frequently Asked Questions.

The founder is a master trading group and a team of marketing professionals guiding the company.
Daily trading profits average between 3-5% per trade transaction.
Based upon our current payout of over 100’s of members currently satisfied.
As in any market there are no guarantees, but based on our current payout rate it would be almost 64 BTC
Each individual or business has to seek their own tax advisor based on the tax codes in their state or country.
Each wallet that any member uses has to read the policies for that particular wallet.
Once any account reaches .05 in the MC+ platform.
Yes, MC+ is always adding new traders to the company. That is the PLUS in our company, always bringing more to our members.
Currently our most user friendly worldwide wallets are or, both are FREE to activate.
No. The only way you can fund our platform with MC+ is with BTC and this is also how we re-distribute back to members.
Because we work in a peer to peer system and our members may be able to assist you, or on the exchange system please refer to for other options.
No. You can only enter through our Member Referral System.
Based upon each individual or business and their financial position. We range from .01325 to 8 btc.

Anyone can join MC+ from anywhere in the world The interface is so easy to use that even someone with little or no experience can prosper. Ask the person
that invited you and let them guide you through the process.

Our experts are available online
and are always ready to help.